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Yiddish Gospel Resources

A special welcome to all visitors of Yiddish heritage! This page contains links to Bibles, stories and web sites written in Yiddish which tell about Jesus and His love for Yiddish-speaking people.

Many followers of Jesus are praying that God will continue to bless the Jewish people, and some of the links on this page have information to help them learn more about the Yiddish language and culture.

Thank you for visiting. May the grace and peace of God be yours today!

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Yiddish Bibles

You can purchase the Yiddish Gospel of Matthew on audio cassette from Faith Comes By Hearing.

Find audio, online, and print Bibles in 250 languages at Bibles in Your Language.

Multi-Language Media carries Bibles and Christian books in Yiddish.

Background Info on the Yiddish People

The United States Census Bureau reports that more than 213,000 Americans speak Yiddish at home, making Yiddish number 16 on the list of the 50 most common languages spoken in the U.S. (1990 statistics). Other estimates say that as many as 1.2 million Americans speak Yiddish.

More than 3 million people speak Yiddish worldwide, according to the SIL Ethnologue. This includes 701,000 in Russia, 634,000 in Ukraine, 215,000 in Israel, 50,000 in Canada, 231,000 in Belarus; and 40,000 in Latvia. In addition, there are communities in Estonia, Lithuania, Moldova, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Romania, Latin America, Australia, and South Africa.

Yiddish is a German dialect with Hebrew elements which developed when Jews from northern France and northern Italy settled in Germany sometime around 1100 AD.

Information for Churches

Bridges for Peace works to promote better Christian-Jewish understanding and support for Israel.

The web site for Christian Witness to Israel includes an article entitled, "Telling Jewish People about Jesus."

Jews for Jesus now has two sites: one for believers and one for those who don't believe in Jesus.

Learn the Language

If you want to honor your Yiddish-speaking friends, learn a few phrases in their language.

Here's an introduction to Yiddish, including common phrases.

These are the most popular Yiddish language books at Amazon.com:

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